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Kel-Anne is a mature and sensible coach that holds space for those who need some clarity in their life. I first approached Kel-Anne to diffuse my feelings of being trapped and confused by indecision, and she was able to help me discover things I was doing that was keeping me trapped in that way, this was a very welcome breakthrough. Her professional mastery and calm demeanour provided a safe environment for me to discover those things, and she was able to offer me opportunities to explore more things that arose in my life and help me see how they were blocking my progress, I am very grateful for that opportunity. Thank you, Kel-Anne, you’re a beautiful soul.

Kathryn Dawe

Hi Kel-Anne,


I came to you Kel-Anne running on empty with an ever growing to-do-list that was jam packed with so many tasks and huge responsibilities. I lacked clarity and purpose and had zero time to think about what was serving me and what wasn’t. I felt out of control at times and often very uncomfortable.  I over thought most things and I struggled with low-self-esteem that has been holding me back for so many years. You helped me to look deep inside and repair those wounds that I held onto from childhood. 

Thank you, Kel-Anne, for giving me the tools to transform my life and direct me to my true life purpose by encouraging me to look within.

Cindy Burke

Thank You Kel-Anne,

After the first session I knew that your style and knowledge was exactly what I was looking for. Each session allowed me to explore what was holding me back in my life. I deeply desired to achieve a goal and with your support you have helped me start moving towards achieving what I want to do. The warmth and encouragement provided a space for me to see things from a different angle and allowed me to try different experiences. I also got so much value from the follow up emails with simple tools to implement in my life. Life is so much easier when we have support and I am grateful for your skills and knowledge. I now have the clarity and confidence to achieve my goals.


Hi Kel-Anne,

I thought I would reach out to say thank you for the coaching session today. You have helped me tremendously to think about where I am heading and how to implement steps to get there. I appreciate this opportunity to work with you and wish you the very best on your journey. With love and respect.



It was a pleasure having Kel-Anne as my coach,

her warmth, understanding and very positive vibes really helped me shift my mindset, thinking patterns and the way I see my life in general.

Kel-Anne is very passionate about coaching, helping others and above all she is an excellent listener and someone that has a lot of valuable life experience to share which I found very inspiring”


Hi Kel-Anne,


Thank you so much for all the coaching sessions we’ve had so far. The session could not have come at a better time for me. With the Covid situation & the second stage of lockdown in Victoria this year has been one of the most challenging time for me as I lost my job and had many other personal things going on. Your positive energy, guidance, support and encouragement has been absolutely amazing and helped me so much. Looking forward to many more sessions and where we can take things in the future.  

Lots of love


This is an amazing healing process. Learning to let go of past negative experiences and forgiving is very liberating! I am also more grateful for the positive aspects of my life and I feel truly blessed. I am now open to all sorts of amazing opportunities that will come my way and they are.



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