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My name is Kel-Anne Brandt-De Riviere, and I am a Wholistic Transformational Mindset   Coach based on the Central Coast of NSW. I feel that I have been studying to be a Life Coach all my life.

​I have come through many challenging and Traumatic situations in my life. I have had many Counsellors, Life Coaches, and Mentors along the way.

​We are always learning while we are here in this School of Life on Earth. And I am Passionate about sharing what I have Learned and Helping and Guiding as many people as I can to Discover the Power that they have within themselves.

​I am also a Professional Singer/Recording Artist and Entertainer. I love making people happy & that was another reason for becoming a Life Coach. To see people, Transform like Butterflies into who they are meant to be is so Gratifying & Exciting.

​It is our Birthright to be Happy and Fulfilled and to Shine!

​I Believe that we are Spiritual beings having a Human Experience. And that Experience is meant to be Amazing!!!

We are meant to Live the Life of our Dreams!!!

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